My name is Linda Goggan and I am a qualified remedial massage therapist specialising in relaxation massage, oncology massage and esoteric healing. I value the ancient healing ways of bodywork and the therapeutic benefits of heat and mineral therapy.  I started Sacred Body because I am dedicated to sharing the important health benefits of massage, hands on healing, sauna therapy and mineral support as a way to RE-connect to the body and set solid foundations to true health and wellness. My approach is purposeful and absolute while deeply nurturing and caring of your health and lifestyle needs. My aim is to demystify and take the "woo woo" out of energy work and bring you a practical, meaningful and restorative massage experience that will support you when your body calls you back to Initiate True Well-being.

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Hi! I’m Sheri a Qualified Beauty Therapist offering Sacred Body Treatments, Conventional Beauty and Holistic Treatments. 

I enjoy incorporating my favourite trending beauty treatments which present in the beauty industry to keep it fun and playful. 

Chakra Puncture, Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy and Esoteric Healing are additional holistic treatments I offer which are foundational and fundamental body support in my own life. Which is why I chose to learn and share with you. 

Although the standard beauty treatment can be very relaxing, My ideal treatment is to combine beauty treatments with holistic therapies as it’s an opportunity for the body to truly re-connect, deeply surrender, feel supported from within and absolutely beautiful from the inside out, as opposed to feeling stressed, burnt out and haggard. 

I absolutely love my job and working at Sacred Body.

What you will see in 2022 will be Pregnancy Treatments, Nutritional Skin Support and much more as the beauty industry is forever changing and we are forever expanding at Sacred Body.

I currently work on Fridays and look forward to seeing you at Sacred Body

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Hello, I am joining the team at Sacred Body as a massage therapist specialising in Esoteric Massage. This modality is very relaxing and also deeply healing. I also offer Esoteric Healing, Energetic Facial Release and Foot Massage. These treatments can be stand alone or combined into one treatment.  

Offering massage has always felt very natural to me.  I work in a way that supports the body to find its way back to its original state of harmony and well-being.  How we move can have a huge effect on how we feel in our body and I would love to support you to move towards more optimal health that can then have a ripple effect through all areas of your life.

I bring a warmth and understanding to my work with people and It feels amazing to be a part of all that is on offer here at Sacred Body. I look forward to being of service to you.

With Love



"So inviting and welcoming. Wonderful prices. Linda went with what my body needed on the day and so looking forward to going back. She also had time to answer my questions and make me feel relaxed in feeling like it is a safe space. Thank you so much."       

Sharleen, Sunshine Coast

"Such a calm and relaxing environment. Linda is so welcoming and genuinely cares for your wellbeing. Looking forward to my next appointment"     

Karen, Sunshine Coast


"Oh Linda, another beautiful session. Thank you for the gentleness, caring, nurturing and non judgement you be. Much gratitude."     

Wendy, Sunshine Coast