Body Awareness 101


What will you learn?


  • What is body awareness?
  • Why is it important?
  • Food - How does it affect our awareness?
  • Exercise - Are we really moving with respect to our body?
  • Sleep - How do we prepare for quality sleep?
  • Your body is always communicating, what is it trying to tell you?
  • How important is it to observe life and not absorb it?
  • What steps are next?


How is the program delivered?

You will be sent a Welcome PDF with a full outlined about how the course is delivered along with links to all the course content. You will also be  invited to join a private Facebook group where all the content also be available.  It's a great opportunity to connect with other participants in a safe environment and share your experiences. Best of all you have the chance to interact with Linda the presenter of the program and get personalised support throughout the program. This is acompletely self paced program that you can readily fit into any busy schedule.

Body Awareness 101

  • Body Awareness 101 Online Program

    Who is it for?

    • Feeling tired, exhausted and anxious?
    • Feeling drained after being around people or situations?
    • Want to wake up feeling revitalised and ready for your day?
    • Want to feel more deeply connected to your body and being, allowing you to get through your day with steadiness and absoluteness?
    • Want to establish a true foundation for deepening your relationship with your body while advancing towards true health and well-being?

    This 7 day online program will offer you the practical tools to initiate the pathway for you to live a more connected and enriched lifestyle

Relax   Re-Connect   Rejuvenate

Initiate True Well-Being.





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