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Magnesium Flakes  700g

Sacred Body Magnesium Flakes are from the Ancient Zechstein seabed, 1600m below Northern Europe. These exquisite flakes are free from modern pollutants, making them incredibly nourishing for the body, skin and soul. The brine (salty water) is drawn up from deep under the earth and then dried into flakes, making it one of the most nourishing substances to soak and relax in.

Magnesium flakes are a highly concentrated form of magnesium chloride, a natural form of magnesium. Magnesium chloride naturally occurs in the ocean - Mg + Cl (2), which means it’s a salt. Magnesium chloride is also present in the intercellular fluid in our bodies, with the flakes typically being used in baths to promote rest and relaxation.

Magnesium flakes are typically used in foot baths or full body baths to promote bodily relaxation.

Magnesium flakes are perfect to promote psychological wellness, like stress relief, making it an ideal component of your self-care routine.


Some physical benefits of soaking in magnesium flakes include:


  • Soothing of sore muscles and joints
  • Improved circulation
  • Hydrating of dry or damaged skin
  • Replenishing of the body’s own magnesium


The above benefits make magnesium flakes ideal for those who regularly work out, experience arthritis, suffer from constipation, or even face certain skin conditions. Magnesium Chloride is also known to ease blood pressure and the body’s digestive system, making it an all-round wellness experience.



Magnesium Flakes 700g

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