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What I love about my evening skincare ritual.

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

I never used to take care of my skin at all. It's really only been the last 10 years that I have developed a loving relationship with my skin. Before that I never really gave it any consideration. Once I started studying herbalism, it opened me up to the benefits of natural topical treatments I began to consider the benefits of taking care of my skin. So from starting out blending some basic pantry items to make mask treatments etc it has eventually evolved into Sacred Body Skincare. Going from doing nothing with my skin other than using harsh soap or body wash, I am now practising my daily skin ritual with my own branded skincare range. What I love the most about building this daily self care routine surprisingly isn't the just the products. While they are divinely effective and feel amazing to use my favourite part is the practice of the ritual itself. There is this rhythm and flow to my evening that feels very confirming. It allows me the time and it's literally only a few minutes, that I can just stop and check in with myself. It gives me the opportunity to reflect on my day and appreciate body for carrying me through that day. It's my time to wind down and prepare myself for rest.

Each stage of the evening skincare ritual has it's own quality and symbolic meaning. First my cleanser gives my a feeling of washing away anything I may have taken on that day. The exfoliant, symbolic of casting off the layers of all that do not serve or support. Toning and moisturizing is a soothing and nourishing confirmation of all that I am. There is a real conscious presence throughout the entire routine.

It truly is only minutes daily to nourish my skin and nurture my being. Once I started giving myself just those few minutes every night I found that it easily flowed on to building more supportive rituals. Before I knew it I was setting in place a gorgeous ceremony that took me off to a restful sleep at night. Over time this consistency of ritualistic care starts to show not only in your skin but in your daily life.

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