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Forearm tension and pain, is there more going on?

Have you ever noticed just how much tension you hold in your forearms? Most people are not aware of this until they get an arm massage and then the tension built up in these frequently used yet neglected muscles is exposed. It is often when this part of the body is worked on during of a full body massage that people start to express that they just don’t get enough massages, or they begin to talk about how they get caught up in life and forget just how good a massage is.

Forearm pain and tension can happen for many reasons on a physical level such as over-use, nerve entrapment, injury, or arthritis. But what is going on energetically that sets us up for such things to occur in this part of the body?

Pain, tension, or dysfunction in the forearms is a good indicator of just how much drive someone is in. They are often moving throughout their day in drive and motivation instead of moving in purpose. It’s easy enough to do and most of us get caught in this movement particularly when we just want to achieve and/or get a result and sometimes the result is to just get through the day. When we move this way with this low vibration of energy, we will find the delicateness of the forearms particularly the inner arms is overridden and they become hardened with tension.

Whereas, if we were to move through our daily activities in purpose instead of drive, we would be in a much deeper honouring of the delicateness that naturally emanates from this part of our body. Living in the energy of drive can also lead to issues with the elbows which naturally emanate the quality of inner and outer support. So, when we are in drive instead of purpose, we can also often feel like we are not supported by others etc.

So how do we change this? It’s one thing to go and get regular massage to release the tension in these areas but long term what do we need to change in our everyday living way to not get the build-up of contraction in the first place?

Well, we need to learn the purpose of everything that we do.

True purpose is in the little details of life. It’s not about careers and vocations, this is about knowing and understanding what it is your movements are bringing you and others in a bigger and unseen way. You are not just vacuuming a floor because it’s dirty and needs cleaning, that’s a given. But when done in a true movement of purpose you are imprinting a foundational surface to a space that others will walk on and feel the care and love of the space which then resonates throughout their body. Instantly you have brought healing to another simply by vacuuming the floor! What can be more purposeful than that?!

We underestimate just how powerful we are when we move our bodies with purpose instead of drive and approaching everything we do as a means to an end.

Study your living way, and have fun with it. Notice the difference when you approach your everyday life with purpose and not just trying to get through something. Feel it in your body, there is a clear difference. When you move in purpose you are energised and impulsed to move with more purpose. When you are in drive and motivation you are drained of energy, you are tired and exhausted, and are not supported to bring more.

Experiment with purpose, your body will thank you for it.


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