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Gut Health and Massage

Picture yourself getting a massage. You can almost feel the therapist’s hands working those knots out of your neck and shoulders right now. I bet you didn’t picture having an abdominal massage though.

Abdominal massage is a practice is a technique that has been used for centuries yet is not often incorporated into a full body massage these days. Primarily supporting the digestive system and alleviating gut-related pain there are many other surprising health benefits of regular abdominal massage.

A gentle form of massage that aims to soothe and treat the muscles that surround the belly. A massage therapist has access to a variety of painless, non-invasive treatments. Constipation, bloating, and tight muscles are just a few of the symptoms that can be treated with an abdominal massage. With its ability to relieve stress and pain in the stomach, digestive system, and reproductive organs, including the pelvic floor, abdominal massage can benefit both physical and emotional health.

Some other benefits include:

Abdominal digestive massage
Gut Health and Massage

Boosts immune function as a healthy gut that eliminates efficiently supports a healthy immune system

Improves posture as this supports the health of the abdominal muscles allowing them to move with ease

Releases physical tension and emotional stress because massage relaxes you, your nervous system can function normally and you'll feel calmer both inside and out. Second, exerting physical pressure on the stomach helps to loosen any physical tightness brought on by mental stress.

Alleviate PMS by working as a natural pain reliever for PMS and associated symptoms by easing stomach and pelvic floor muscles, reducing muscle spasms, and elevating mood.

At Sacred Body we have incorporated the abdominal massage into our Signature Massage with some peppermint oil for a little extra digestive support as we understand just how important gut health is.

So next time you book a massage ask your therapist to include an abdominal massage and begin to feel the deeper level of relaxation and digestive health.

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