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How do I know if my skin needs Vitamin B serum?

Vitamin B otherwise known as Niacinamide stimulates the synthesis of ceramides in the skin to strengthen the skin's own protective barrier. While Panthenol ( Vitamin B5) attracts and retains moisture as well as providing protection and enhancing the natural repair process of the skin. You may be asking " Well how do I know if I should be using a Vitamin B serum?".

The skin is our protective barrier to the external world and it can often take quite a beating from the elements and certainly from any synthetic chemical-laden products that we apply topically. This means that our body’s barrier often has its own barrier disrupted. Some signs of a disrupted skin barrier might include:

Applying serum to face

· Acne.

· Dry, scaly and/or flaky skin.

· Infection.

· Inflammation and irritation.

· Itchiness.

· Rough patches.

· Stinging, especially when you apply skin care products.

· Tenderness or sensitivity.

If you experience one or more of these then it is likely that you will benefit from daily use of a Vitamin B serum. With daily use of Vitamin B serum, you can support your skin to maintain elasticity and hydration and its ability to heal. This then supports the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles as well as evening out the skin tone by reducing redness.

Unlike retinol (Vitamin A) which should only be used in the evening Vitamin B serums can be used twice a day, so both morning and night. This should be applied to cleansed and toned skin prior to applying moisturiser. With regular use and by ensuring you are using quality products made from natural supportive ingredients you should see improvement in your skin appearance quite quickly when using a serum that combines both Vitamin B3 & B5.

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