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4/130 Main St, Montville
M: 0422 852 899
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Initiate True Well-Being.

Sacred Body Snapshot

Sacred Body is a gorgeous massage and beauty clinic located in the heart of Montville in the Sunshine Coast Hinterlands offering a wide range of treatments to support you with your health and rejuvenation needs.

Want to learn more about us???



My name is Linda Goggan and I am a qualified remedial massage therapist, nutritional advisor and facialist specialising in restorative massage and healthy living practices. I value the ancient healing ways of bodywork and the therapeutic benefits of heat, topical mineral therapy and energetic nutrition.  I started Sacred Body because I am dedicated to sharing the important health benefits of massage, hands on healing, sauna therapy and nutritional support as a way to RE-connect to the body and set solid foundations to true health and wellness. My approach is purposeful and absolute while deeply nurturing and caring of your health and lifestyle needs. My aim is to demystify and take the "woo woo" out of energy work and bring you a practical, meaningful and restorative massage experience that will support you when your body calls you back to Initiate True Well-being.

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I bring to you over 15 years experience in the ‘beauty’ -(I now prefer to call it wellness)- industry, working in several spa’s and clinics.

I have gathered along with me a wide range of knowledge, expertise and insight into how to treat many different symptoms and areas of concern using a variety of treatment modalities and intuitive therapies. 


I have a HUGE passion in working with the skin and delving deeper with my clients into what is happening beneath the surface, going on a comprehensive journey with them in order to create sustainable and meaningful results.

I also adore massaging the body as a form of emotional, physical and spiritual healing and know too well the need for this more and more in our ever increasing stressful lifestyles that we are living.

During a face or body treatment with me you will experience a deep sense of relaxation and nurturing whilst also having your skin concerns addressed, holistically. 


I love that at Sacred Body, it is a space that provides a gorgeous calming energy so that people are able to really drop into that state of deep healing. My favourite way to experience a treatment is to step into the mineral bath, infrared sauna or aroma steam shower then float into the room for your treatment with us. Absolute bliss!”



Hello, I am Mary-Lou and I have been here at Sacred Body since April 2022.  I work as a massage therapist specialising in Sacred Esoteric Massage.  This modality is very relaxing and also deeply healing.  I also offer Sacred Esoteric Healing, Fiery Kidney Massage and Energetic Facial Release.  These treatments can be stand along or combined into one treatment.

Offering massage has always felt very natural to me.  I work in a way that supports the body to find its way back to its original state of harmony and well-being.  How we move can have a huge effect on how we feel in our body and I would love to support you to move towards more optimal health that can then have a ripple effect through all areas of your life.

I bring a warmth and understanding to my work with people. I am a qualified Aged Care, Disability and Community Care Support Worker, working one on one in the community.  where my massage skills are much used and appreciated.  Esoteric Massage being perfect for the ageing body.

Here at Sacred Body we treat the whole of who you are and not just the body parts.  If you are up for a super-nurturing treatment, I look forward to being of service to you.


Some things people are saying about my services:


I’ve had a lot of massages, but that was ‘next level’.


That’s the first massage in a long time where I havn’t felt like just a piece of meat on the table.


The massage already paid for itself from the part at the beginning where you re position my arms, if you did nothing else, its already done.


"So inviting and welcoming. Wonderful prices. Linda went with what my body needed on the day and so looking forward to going back. She also had time to answer my questions and make me feel relaxed in feeling like it is a safe space. Thank you so much."       

Sharleen, Sunshine Coast

"Such a calm and relaxing environment. Linda is so welcoming and genuinely cares for your wellbeing. Looking forward to my next appointment"     

Karen, Sunshine Coast


"Oh Linda, another beautiful session. Thank you for the gentleness, caring, nurturing and non judgement you be. Much gratitude."     

Wendy, Sunshine Coast

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