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Is it good to massage my face?

One of the biggest supporters of healthy, glowing skin is having oxygenated, nutrient rich blood flow. There are many factors that contribute to radiant skin which would include a healthy nutritious diet, exercise, quality sleep, plenty of water, reducing alcohol consumption and of course caring for your skin with a quality natural skin care range. But did you know that daily facial massage has been used for eons to achieve a youthful healthy appearance to the skin.

What does facial massage do exactly?

Firstly, it stimulates blood flow to the face and along with it brings oxygen and nutrients which encourages the presence of healing red blood cells. Another benefit is it can boost collagen production which offers elasticity in the skin hence tightens and reduces fine lines and wrinkles. Lymphatic fluid often builds up in the face causing puffiness and bags under the eyes.

Face massage with Gua Sha

Many facialists are now using tools such as Gua Sha stones during facial treatments in the support of draining excess lymphatic fluid in the face. These stones are often cooled too which feels amazing and refreshing on the skin. This treatment results in reducing inflammation, nourishes and brightens the skin while giving you and all over natural glow.

You can practice facial massage at home when going through your hygiene routine in the morning and in the evening. It only takes a couple of minutes and feels amazing too.

Step 1. Start with a fresh clean face

Before beginning your massage, you must cleanse your face and hands to prevent rubbing dirt and other contaminants into your skin.

Hint: if you are wearing makeup you may wish to double cleanse.

Step 2. Grab your favourite moisturiser or face oil

If you have ever had a professional such as a beauty or massage therapist do a face massage you will know that they use some type of cream or oil to create slip on the skin. This prevents drag on the skin.

Before putting the moisturiser or oil on your skin, warm it up by rubbing a small amount between your palms. For the best of all worlds, you can opt to combine a few drops of facial oil with your moisturiser, or you can do the same with oil alone.

Step 3. Time to massage!

Following the diagram below gently follow the direction indicated. Pay special attention to the eye area, neck and jaw line.


This is a most rejuvenating way to start or finish your day. If you feel like you would like some extra support with you face massage routine or skin care advice, book in for a facial with a qualified beauty therapist and ask them for hints and tips for at home facial massage and what you can do to achieve healthy radiant skin.

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