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What is carpal tunnel caused by?

With the increase of time spent working on computers we are finding that Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) is becoming more common among Australians. Recent studies have shown that the condition once predominantly found in women has now seen a significant increase in men. It was once thought that is was in a higher rate in women as pregnancy was found to be just one of the common causes but the medical community is seeing an increase in men due to the ageing population as there is strong links between arthritis and carpal tunnel.


What is carpal tunnel syndrome?

This in the inflammation and /or entrapment of the median nerve that run through the carpal tunnel in the anterior of the wrist. This will result in pain, numbness and /or weakness in the affected wrist.

What causes carpal tunnel syndrome?

The most common cause is the repetitive use or motion of the wrist such as computer use for long periods. It is considered an over use or repetitive strain injury with excessive flexion and extension.

How to treat carpal tunnel syndrome?

Depending on what stage of this condition is at determines the treatment. Stages 1 and 2 which range from occasional intermittent pain to more regular to severs throughout the day may just require rest, splinting, icing and massage treatments. For stage 3, which is constant pain and reduction in mobility and strength a more surgical approached may be required.

Ways to prevent or reduce reoccurrence of CTS:

-            Be gentle and present when carrying out tasks. Be more mindful about positioning and weight on wrists.

-            Give yourself a break during tasks

-            Stretches

-            Avoid frequently overextending and flexing of wrists.

-            Get regular arm and hand massages.

We don’t often consider the way that we hold our hands wrists and forearms while we are performing an activity or task. The wrists are fundamental and foundational to the use of the hands which offer us the ability to carry out the intricate details of our everyday life. The health and intimate connection with our wrists sets forth the full expression of all that we can do with our hands.

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