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Why are regular facials good for you?

Are professional facials offering more than just pampering?


When many of us think facials, we think luxury day spas for the occasional day of self-indulgent pampering. Which on so many levels is true and why not? Nothing wrong with the occasional pamper day. Or then there is the other end of the spectrum when we think problematic skin needing constant professional attention to address acne, rosacea etc. But what if getting regular facials were used not only as a pampering self-care event or to tame non-compliant skin but rather a way to prevent skin damage and then build and maintain healthy glowing skin.

Some may say ‘I do my own skin care regime every evening at home, why would I go to a salon when I can just do it at home?’ Having your own skin care rituals in place at home is fantastic and highly encouraged by any skin therapist but there may be some things that you are missing out on by not having a regular monthly facial with a qualified beauty therapist. It’s a little bit like taking your car for a service. You put fuel in your car and put air in your tyres, but you make sure you take it to a professional for a once over regularly to make sure its running well and to address any problems before they arise. Having a facial with a professional is the same thing.

Professional facial

Benefits of seeing a professional beauty therapist on a regular basis might include:

- Prevent potential issues

- Thoroughly cleanse pores

- Fight the ageing process

- Provide renewal and rejuvenation

- Receive professional advice

Also, you will find that most salons will have a professional only range of skincare products that will have a multitude of active ingredients and will provide high performance for the skin. Along with that they often use effective devices such as ultrasonic cleansing devices for a deeper a cleanse and LED therapy to address ageing and acne prone skin.

Having a regular facial is up there with having regular massages. You have the opportunity for space for relaxation, rejuvenation and restoration. We all live is a very fast paced world and many of us live in constant drive and motion. With this hectic and stressful lifestyle we can often see signs of tiredness and fatigue showing up in our faces. Professional facials incorporate a massage component for the face, neck and scalp offering a moment of decompression.

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