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10 Things this Massage therapist would like you to know

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

1. Should I bring anything to my appointment?

Just you! Any qualified professional Massage Therapist will provide any and all relevant supplies and equipment to ensure your massage experience is safe, supportive and beneficial. However, if you have a preferred oil that we don't have please feel free to bring that along to your appointment.

2. What to wear?

Typically massage requires the removal of clothing except underwear. There is no reason for the removal of underwear for a professional massage to be carried out. Most massage therapists including staff at Sacred Body will not request or even want to have you on the table with no underwear as underwear creates a physical boundary for both the therapists and the clients comfort.

3. What if my body makes noises during my massage?

Totally normal. Your body goes into a deep state of relaxation and repose so it is very common for the digestive system to be making it's gurgling noises even with the occasional passing of wind. Then of course there are the sounds of even deeper relaxation, snoring. Please don't apologise for any of this nor feel embarrassed as it is all a part of the process and somewhat a compliment to your therapist that you have felt safe enough to surrender to deep relaxation.

4. Hairy legs?

Chances are until you pointed it out we didn't even notice that you hadn't shaved, so no apologies are necessary here either.

5. Should my massage hurt?

Ask 10 different therapists this question and you will get 10 different answers. We are not a crash and bash therapist, at Sacred Body training and massage philosophy is more of a "gentle persuasion" type massage. Its focus is on establishing a relaxation marker in the body by allowing and encouraging the body to release tension itself. Our techniques are far from fluffy and wishy-washy, they are direct and purposeful but pain is not commonplace during our treatments. But of course, be sure to express to your therapist about pressure preferences.

6. Talking during a massage?

It's not uncommon for clients to be talkative for the first few minutes of the massage while they ease themselves into a comfortable rapport with their therapist however most of the talking ceases as the relaxation begins to kick in. The therapists at Sacred Body will not speak unless spoken to once the treatment has begun unless it's necessary and in direct relation to your treatment. While we find that silent massages reach the deepest states of relaxation, sometimes clients just need to express themselves and use therapists as a sounding board. This is beneficial too and perfectly ok to do.

7. How often should I get a massage or healing session?

There are no rules here. In a perfect set of circumstances weekly treatments are super beneficial and offer a great support to any wellness program or healthy lifestyle. However, it really all comes down to how much time and money you can invest in yourself. Not everyone can afford weekly treatments and may struggle to fit them in so frequently. But what we would always suggest to anyone that wants to make changes to their health, wellness and well-being they invest in at least one session every month.

8. Massage Therapist or Masseuse?

Any qualified professional therapist will tell you that being referred to as a masseuse will make their eye twitch just a little. Massage therapist is the preferred term as the term masseuse is often synonymous with someone that offers "other" services. Nothing gets a legit massage therapist more fired up than having their years of training, study and investment of thousands of dollars be diminished to these types of services. Special note to those that think it's hilarious to proposition a therapist for the "other" service, I suggest you reconsider as you could be reported to the police for s3xu4l harassment. Don't be that person.

9. Colds and flu?

Please reschedule your appointment if you are experiencing cold and flu or any contagious illness. Trust me when I say, you are not getting the most out of your massage experience when you are lying face down with your face in a hole with all sorts of coughing, sneezing and liquids running from your nose. As these are contagious we would rather you be home getting the rest you need than risk making others sick.

10. This is a safe place.

We highly value confidentiality in our clinic. In my time as a therapist, I have encountered many clients who feel supported to express their many personal issues other than sore shoulders. Sacred Body is a sacred space (hence the name of our business). It is a place where clients are allowed and even encouraged to talk about their stuff without fear of judgment. If you need to have a big cry, go for it. If you need to talk about stressful issues in your life that you feel are holding you back from living a life of joy and fulfillment, then this space welcomes that. While we are not counsellors make great listeners and your body is already communicating to us so feel free to put words to it. You are safe and supported.

The key thing to remember is don't ever feel like you can't ask your therapist questions about your treatment. It shows that you are actively engaged in your health journey.

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