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7 Things I love about getting a Massage

Have we ever really sat down and felt into what it is about massage that is so inviting. Sure we can say 'Oh, it's just so relaxing and feels so bloody good'. But have we really taken the time to get a sense of what it really is that keeps us coming back for more? I have and this is what I have found that has me lining up for massages time and time again.

1. I already feel the self care kick in when making the booking. I am immediately inspired to make more supportive choices throughout the day.

2. As soon as I get to the appointment I feel my body light up with anticipation of feeling relaxed

3. When I get on the table my body begins to melt into the table. Relaxation has begun and the therapist hasn't even touched me yet.

4. Once the massage begins there is a surrendering to my body. Through this is surrender I can feel just where my body is at, I feel it's honesty.

5. During the massage I take the opportunity to connect with a stillness within. Life is always so busy and hectic but table time allows me to experience the deeply nurturing stillness of my being.

6. At the end of my massage I am left feeling, light, clear and steady in my body and feel as though I can continue to make loving and supportive choices for my body and being.

7. I then re-book because I know that I need to make this just a part of my livingness. It's just what I do to build a healthy body and being.

Why is this an important part of my wellness journey? Because awareness of my body is key to navigating my way through life. The body is very honest, it tells a story of energetic truth. It tells a story of how we are living both physically, emotionally, mentally and energetically. All of our experiences are recorded in the body. Regular massage allows you to feel that and offers support to make changes where necessary.

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