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Muscle memory or Energetic Alignment?

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

Why is it, the moment most people start to climb onto a massage the feeling of relaxation has already begun? It can be explained through association of previous massage experiences and by assuming the prone position on the table you relate it to relaxation. While this can be very true can it also be explained, that through different positioning and movements your body is configured and aligned to a specific energy that brings certain feelings, thoughts and thus expressions. Put simply, is it possible that the moment we sit, stand, lie or walk in a certain way, place or position we are aligning to an energy and that configures our body to how we will next move, sit, stand or lie. I experienced this very clearly just recently. While the awareness of this teaching has been there for me for some years I never really experienced the deep truth of it. I was standing in a particular spot folding clothes, the same place I stand every week to fold clothes. One day I found myself in deep thought about something that was troubling me, I could feel I was being completely taken by these thoughts and it was really bringing an enormous amount of tension and mental energy into my body. I then moved from that position and the thoughts quickly dissipated. Then throughout the week the troubling thoughts would come and go but not to the level it did that particular day, the thoughts owned me that day while I was standing there. Then about a week later, I went and stood back in that same spot folding clothes again, in an instant the troubles and tension starting flooding back into my body. I hadn't thought about it at all that morning then just like that it was all there again. I realised that I had left an energetic imprint there from last time I was there and when I returned to that very spot I felt how my body was configured to let all that come back in. Some might say that it's association or that it's the mundane task that had my mind wandering. But I felt the instant those thoughts dropped into me and tried to dig it's hooks deeper and bury itself in me. Having this awareness allowed me to focus on re-imprinting my movements while I was standing in that spot folding clothes. I shifted my body, focused on my breath, I brought awareness to my feet, my hands and my back. How did I feel in my body? Was I standing with presence and delicateness? I started to connect with clothing and thinking about how the energy that comes through my movements will be passed to others through these clothes as they wear them. Then in moments I had felt the beginnings of re-imprinting those movements, tension in my back released and the troubling thoughts had subsided and I actually was beginning to feel my way through those troubles. Then the next time I returned to that spot I found myself easily finding a stance of connection with myself and not tension. What if we can do this with every single movement we express everyday? What if that feeling of relaxation we get the moment we step up to a massage table can be your every moment (without perfection of course)? I found Sacred Esoteric Healing supported me to move in connection with myself, helping me to reconfigure my body and movements so that I am embodying the real me and not being taken by the troubles that often overwhelm us all. This modality assists me to establish a marker in my body of true being-ness and allowing me to open myself up to greater awareness of when I am being moved from an energy other than my true essence.

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