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It is important that we look at receiving regular massages as a form of maintenance on our bodies, much like we would service our car or go to the dentist routinely for example, our bodies are responsible for so much in our everyday lives, and therefore require and deserve ‘tune ups’ to keep them from falling apart, so to speak!

Unfortunately, we often don’t recognise the importance of such a service until there is a chronic issue or injury but if we can learn to value the need of loving and caring for our physical self in a way that allows much freedom of movement and healing then much reward will be presented to us.

A massage is not only the application of oil and using relaxing movements - however this alone can be incredibly healing – it is so much more than this. When we step into a space where we give permission to ourselves, what happens is we say “yes” to our body to begin healing on a multi-dimensional level.

We are giving our nervous system a chance to ‘catch up’ and find stillness from our everyday chaotic and stress-burdened lives. This, in turn, can lead to a response from the cells, bones, tissues, muscles, and fibres that make up our body to repair.

In a massage session, we facilitate the softening and tenderisation of muscle fibres, untangling of connective tissue, encouragement of blood flow and toxin removal, lymphatic drainage support, nourishment of nerves, move along stagnation including cellulite, stimulate cell renewal for scar and wound healing, stress relief and so much more.

We approach massage therapy as just that – a therapy. It supports healing on a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual sense.

When we commit to maintenance in this way, we can largely prevent injury and illness and even save a lot of money in the long run!

So, if you can consider incorporating massage therapy as a fundamental part of your life -just as being mindful of the food we eat each day or drinking enough water is, then you begin to witness and experience an incredibly powerful journey back to yourself, one where a strong healthy body and mind is your new normal state of being.

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